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Lives and Prayers of Dominican Saints,

Blessed and Pius Men and Women


1   Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ

 Blessed Stephana of Quinzanis, V.O.P.

3   Blessed Zedislava, Matron, O.P.

15 Blessed Francis of Capillas, M.O.P.

16 Blessed Gonsalvo (Gundisalvas), C.O.P.

19 Saint Margaret of Hungary, V.O.P.

22 Bl. Francis Gill, M.O.P. (1744)

22 Bl. Matthew Alonso Leziniana, M.O.P.(1745)

23 Saint Raymund of Pennafort, C.O.P.

24 Blessed Marcolinus (Marcolino), C.O.P.

26 Blessed Andrew of Peschiera. C.O.P.

30 Blessed Mary Mancini, W.O.P.



Thursday after Sexagesima

    Translation of the Body of Saint Catherine of Siena, V.O.P.

2   Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary

4   Anniversary of the Parents of the Brothers and Sisters of  the Order

9   Blessed Albaro of Cordoba, C.O.P. (1430)

10  Blessed Alexander of Lugo, M.O.P. (1645)

11  Apparition of Our Lady Immaculate.

13  Saint Catherine of Ricci, V.O.P.

14  Blessed Nicholas Palea, C.O.P.

15  Blessed Jordan of Saxony, C.O.P.

16  Blessed Bernard Scammacca, C.O.P.

17  Blessed Reginald, C.O.P.

19  Blessed Alvarez of Cordova, C.O.P.

22  Blessed Angelus Portasde, Bp O.P.(1334)

25  Blessed Constantius, C.O.P.

28  Blessed Villana, Matron, O.P.



1   Blessed Christopher, C.O.P.

2   Blessed Henry Suso, C.O.P.

6   Blessed Jordan of Pisa, C.O.P.

7   Saint Thomas of Aquinas, C.D.O.P.

10 Blessed Peter Geremia, C.O.P.

18 Blessed Fra Angelico, C.O.P. (1455)

19 Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

20 Blessed Ambrose Sansedonius, C.O.P.

22 Blessed Isnard, C.O.P.

23 Blessed Sybil Biscossis, V.O.P.

25 Feast of the Annunciation



1   Feast of the Stigmata of Saint Catherine of Siena, V.O.P.

5   Saint Vincent Ferrer, C.O.P.

5   Blessed Peter Cerdan, C.O.P. (1422)

5   Blessed Blaise of Avergne, C.O.P. (14th Cent.)

5   Blessed Antony Fuster, C.O.P. (14th Cent.)

9   Blessed Anthony Pavonius, M.O.P.

10 Blessed Anthony Neyrot, M.O.P.

13 Blessed Margaret of Castello

14 Blessed Peter Gonzalez, C.O.P.

17 Blessed Clare Gambacorta, W.O.P.

20 Saint Agnes of Montepulciano, V.O.P.

22 Blessed Bartholomew Cerveri, M.O.P.

24 Feast of the Most Holy Crown of Thorns

26 Blessed Gregory & Blessed Dominic, CC.O.P.

27 Blessed Hosanna of Catharo, V.O.P.

28 Saint Lewis Mary Grignon De Montfort, C.O.P.

29 Blessed Peter of Verona, M.O.P.

30 Saint Catherine of Siena, V.O.P.



3   Feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross

4   Feast of the English Martyrs (In England)

5   Saint Pope Pius V, P.C.O.P.

7   Octave Day for Saint Catherine (For Third Order)

10 Saint Antoninus, B.C.O.P.

11 Blessed Albert of Bergamo, C.O.P.

12 Blessed Jane (Joan) of Portugal, V.O.P.

13 Blessed Imelda Lambertini, V.O.P.

14 Blessed Giles of Portugal, C.O.P.

17 Blessed Andrew Abellon, C.O.P.

20 Blessed Columba of Rieti, V.O.P.

22 Saint Servatius, Protector of the Dominican Order

24 Feast of the Translation of our Holy Father Saint Dominic

28 Blessed Mary Bartholomew, V.O.P.

29 Blessed William, O.P. & Companians, M.M.

30 Blessed Andrew Franchi, B.C.O.P

31 Blessed Virgin Mary Mediatrix of All Graces



1   Blessed Alphonsus Navarette & Companions, M.M.O.P.

2   Blessed Sadoc & Companions, M.M.O.P.

3   Blessed Peter Sanz, B., & Companions, M.M.O.P.

5   Blessed James Salomonio (Salomone), C.O.P.

9   Blessed Diane, Blessed Cicely & Blessed Amata, V V.O.P.

10 Blessed John Dominici, B.C.O.P.

10 Blessed Amata of San Sisto, V.O.P. (1270)

12 Blessed Stephen Bandelli, C.O.P.

20 Blessed Hosanna of Mantua, V.O.P.

22 Blessed Innocent V., P.C.O.P.

25 Blessed Guy Maramaldi, C.O.P. (1391)

25 Blesseds Dominic Henares, M. O.P. & Francis Chien, M. (1838)

27 Blesseds Joseph Heiu , M.O.P. & Thomas Toan, M. (1838)

30 Blessed Vincent Yen, M.O.P. (1838)


Pius Dominicans and their Memorial Days:January -June

Feb. 16 Nicholas Paglia (Palaea)

Mar. 18 John of Fiesole

Apr.  2  Francis Coll Guitart

May  21 Hyacinthe Marie Cormier

The 117 Martyrs of Vietnam- were beautified in four groups,

the first of them on May 27, 1900 (Pope Leo XIII), the second

(all Dominicans) on May 20, 1906, a third on May 2, 1909

(Both by Pope Pius X) and the last (Including two Spanish Bishops)

on april 29, 1951 (Pope Pius XII)


1   Feast of the Precious Blood of Our Redeemer

2   The Visitation of Our Lady

3   Blessed Joseph Peter Vyen, M.O.P. (1838)

7   Blessed Benedict XI, P.C.O.P.

9   Saint John of Cologne & Companions, MM.O.P.

11 Blessed  Ignatius Delgado, Blessed Dominic Henares, O.P. & Companions, MM.

12 Anniversary of Those Buried in Our Cemeteries

13 Canonziation of St. Dominic: July 13, 1234 by Pope Gregory IX
13 Blessed James of Voragine(Varazze), B.C.O.P.

14 Blessed Humbert of Romans, C.O.P. (1277)

17 Blessed Ceslaus, C.O.P.

22 Saint Mary Magdalen, Protectress of the Order

23 Blessed Jane (Joan) of Orvieto, V.O.P.

24 Blessed Augustine Fangi of Biella, C.O.P.

24 Blessed Joseph Fernandez, M.O.P. (1838)

27 Blesseds Joseph Maria Sanjuejo & Melchoir Sampedro and their twenty three companions, Bp. M.M. O.P.

28 Blessed Antony Della Chiesa, C.O.P.

29 Blesseds Louis Bertran and two companions, MM O.P. (1629)

30 Blessed Mannes de Guzman, C.O.P.



1   Blesseds Bernard Due & Dominic Dien, MM O.P. (1838)

3   Blessed Augustine Gazotich of Lucera, B.C.O.P.

4   Feast of our Holy Father Saint Dominic, C.O.P.

6   Transfiguration of Our Lord
6   The death of Saint Dominic: August 6, 1221

8   Blessed Jane of Aza, Mother of Saint Dominic

9   Blessed John of Salerno, C.O.P.

11 Octave Day of Saint Dominic

15 Assumption of Our Lady

17 Saint Hyacinth, C.O.P.

18 Blessed Aimo Taparelli, C.O.P.

19 Blessed Emily Bicchieri, V.O.P.

19 Blesses Louis Flores, M. O.P. and Companions, M. (1622)

22 Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

23 Blessed James of Mevania, C.O.P.

30 Saint Rose of Lima, V.O.P.



3   Blessed Guala, B.C.O.P.

4   Blessed Catherine of Racconigi, V.O.P

5   Anniversary of Deceased Friends, Benefactors of the Order

5   Blessed Joseph Canh, M. Tert. O.P. (1838)

6   Blessed Bertrand of Garrique, C.O.P.

8   Nativity of Our Lady

8   Blessed Alanus de Rupe, C.O.P. (1475)

10 Blessed Alphonsus Navarette & two hundred and four companions (More than half of that number belonged to the Order of Preachers) M.M. O.P.

12 Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary

12 Blesseds Thomas Zumarraga and Mancius, M.M. O.P. (1622)

14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross

15 Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

17 Feast of the Stigmata of Saint Francis, C.

18 Blessed John of Massias, C.O.P.

20 Blessed Francis Posadas, C.O.P.

23 Blessed Mark of Modena, C.O.P.

24 Feast of Our Lady of Ransom

25 Commemoration of Our Patriarch in Soriano

26 Blessed Dalmatius Moner, C.O.P.

28 Blessed Laurence of Ripafratta, C.O.P.



First Sunday in October - Rosary Sunday

5   Blessed Raymond of Capua, C.O.P.

7   Blessed Matthew Carreri, C.O.P.

10 Saint Louis Bertrand, C.O.P.

11 Blessed James Griesinger of Ulm, C.O.P.

12 Blessed Dominic Spadafora, C.O.P.

13 Blessed Magdalen dei Panattieri, V.O.P.

20 Blesseds Francis Serrano and Francias Diaz, M.M. O.P. (1648)

21 Blessed Peter of Tiferno, C.O.P.

23 Blessed Bartholomew de Braganza, B.C.O.P.

23 Blessed Henry of Cologne, C.O.P. (1225)

26 Blessed Damian of Finario, C.O.P.

26 Blessed Dominic Doan, M.O.P. (1838)

27 Blessed Antonia of Brescia, C.O.P. (1507)

28 Blessed Joachim Royo, M. O.P. (1848)

30 Blessed Benvenuta Bojani, V.O.P.

31 Commemoration of the Saints whose relics are kept in Dominican Churches



1   Blessed Conradin of Brescia, C.O.P. (1249)

1   Blesseds Jerome Hermosilla, Peter  Almato & Valentine Berrio-     Ochoa, M.M. O.P. (1861)

3   Blessed Simon Ballachi, C.O.P.

5   Blessed Martin de Porres, C.O.P.

6   Blessed Jerome, Valentine, Francis, Hyacinth & Companions (Martyrs of Tonkin), MM.O.P.

7   Blessed Peter Cambiano of Ruffia, M.O.P.

7   Blesseds Hyancinth Castaneda and Companions, M.M. O.P. (1733)

8   Blessed Columbus of Toulouse, C.O.P. (1229)

10 Anniversary of the deceased Brothers and Sisters of the order

12 Feast of All Saints of the Dominican Order

13 Patronage of Saint Thomas Aquinas over Catholic Schools

14 Blessed John Liccio, C.O.P.

15 Saint Albert the Great, B.C.D.O.P.

16 Blessed Lucy Brocolelli of Narni, V.O.P.

22 Blessed Benedict de Ponte, C.O.P. (13th cent.)

24 Blessed Conrad of Friscan, C.O.P. (1239)

25 Saint Catherine of Alexandria, V. M., Protectress of the Order

26 Blessed James Benefatti, B.C.O.P.

28 Blessed Calimerius of Montechiaro, C.O.P. (1521



1   Blessed John of Vercelli, C.O.P.

1   Blessed Christian of Perugia, C.O.P. (13th cent.)

2   Blessed John Armero, C.O.P. (1566)

3   Blessed Bernard of Toulouse, M.O.P (1320)

6   Blessed Joseph Khang, M. Tert., O.P. (1861)

10 Blessed Sebastian Montanol, M.O.P. (1616)

16 Blessed Sebastian Maggi, C.O.P.

19 Blessed Caecilia of Ferrara, V.O.P. (1511)

19 Blesseds Thomas De and Companions M.M. Tert. O.P.

20 Blessed Peter de la Cadireta, M.O.P.(1277)

21 Blessed Adrian of Dalmatia, M.O.P. (13th cent.)

22 Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22 The approval of the Order of Preachers by Pope Honorius III on December 22, 1216
23 Blessed Margaret of Savoy, Widow, O.P
26 Blessed Paganus of Lecco, M.O.P. (1274)

27 Blessed  Bonaventure Tolomei, C.O.P. (1348)

30 Blessed John Alcober, M.O.P. (1748)


Pius Dominicans and their Memorial Days:July-December

Jul.  20 Venerable Margaret Ebner

Jul.   4 Pier-Giorgio Frassati (Incorruptible)

Jul.  26 Robert Nutter (Martyr)

Aug. 18 George Thomas Rehm

Sep.  2 Ingrid of Skanninge

Sep.  6 Michael Czartorysky (Martyr)

Sep.  6 Julia Stanislava Rodzinska (Martyr)

Sep. 22 The 233 Martyrs of Valencia Spain (20 Dominicans)

Sep. 28 The 16 Martyrs of Negasaki

Oct.  5  Bartolo Longo

Oct. 14 Marie Poussepin